After shutting the door behind me and settling in my tranquil room, I all of a sudden realized that I have been staring at the blank ceiling for the last 15 minutes without even knowing it.
I was thinking about my ride when I came to a decision that I am sure many people will take me for a lunatic having simply thought about it.

Public transportation are not really that bad. In truth, I think they are not bad at all.
One won’t have to worry about Gas, getting lost and going in circles with one’s car with no avail. And of course with less cars on the streets we won’t really have to worry much about pollution.

But I won’t say one won’t have to worry about traffic, because despite our feverish hopes, Traffic Jam is indeed a common ordeal with every kind of transportation. Except for rockets and space shuttles.

Still, there is nothing that could replace the privacy of a car, of course, but honestly I believe that a car was made to carry a “family” somewhere. And if we took just two minutes to really think about it, we would realize that the fattest reason why Egypt’s streets suddenly swelled is because everyone’s dream seems to be owning a bloody car.
It is like a hunger people can’t go on living without sedating.
So this equation goes something like this…
Contagious laziness+ Daddy’s money+ speed thirst=
too much cars on the streets+ extra expenses for all that a single car needs+ extra weight=
increasing pollution+ decreasing space=
Intensifying suffocation
And eventually… sad demise!

Public transportation on the other hand will a) teaches you to start your day early, b) gives you at least 5 minutes walk to the station, c) less money, and d) less auto mobiles and therefore MUCH less pollution.

And it has become a fact (to me at least) that a ride on a bus truly allows you to see.
To think.
Surely in some cases a car is a necessity, but sometimes people obtain a car just to show off.

This of course doesn’t mean that I am a car-hater . It is simply a matter of advantages and disadvantages. And according to which weights more than the other that I make the decision of liking or disliking something.
So this time I am on the public transportation side, because I am positive that I would not have seen what I have seen if I was locked inside a car.

One of the things I am very glad I saw is the way people from every where and any class sit together and with obvious comfort.
There wasn’t a time that I mounted a bus and those inside didn’t engage in one conversation, like old friends, booting differences to hell. They talk about about almost everything, politics, themselves (but NOT their spouses), the country, politics, education, traffic… Everything.
Every time, I find myself getting to know things, some of which I never thought I’d know, sitting there practically doing nothing.

It made me realize that when it boils right down to it, there is only one fact. One unquestionable truth; we are all the same, Humans. And in order to get to know each other and eventually get along, we need to “get together”. Encounter one another. Hear each other out.
Because truly, that is exactly what people need. To be heard, without having to raise their voice or resort to violence.

A good “leader” has to listen intently and in result s/he will be just.
On January 25th, 2011, frustrated people marched to El Tahrir Square to SHOUT, for they have spent more than unbearable time with repressed voices. It was hell simmering low for a very, very long time.
And they shouted because it was their right to be heard and it has been taken away.
They shouted because they were, and still, afraid of tomorrow.
And because they have no where else to go.
Because they don’t WANT to go any where.
Because they love it. Egypt.

So this equation goes something like…
Be responsible with good ears, and I will put my life on the line for you.


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