Dots and spaces

Five minutes to midnight…

Stains on the pillowcase that are my tears

Five minutes after midnight…

Tears I cried for such long years

I cry as if I am consumed by guilt

It feels like I have nothing left

And I weep for all that I could lose

I wail for the star that awaits up ahead

My hand trembles…
It feels as if I am overwhelmed with grief
As I go on crying

My heart slows the beats…
As if I am faced with hate
As if I can’t collect my remains

It is filled with confusion, this moment
It is strange how my memory keeps points of light
while around me deep shadows growl in rhyme.

I can’t see…
Strange how I can still breathe…

I feel like I am going to die
I am about to call on my repentant sins

But my world is resounding with relentless ticks

I cling to my dream of a forever

I am a believer, I know
But how could I still be so unsure?

My lips are dry… I need a smile
These chains around my heart… I long for an escape
Where is my voice? I cannot hear a beep…

Where is the real me I really want to meet?

Breaking loose…
Setting free…

It sounds so personal, yet, in a way, it has nothing to do with me…


One thought on “Dots and spaces

  1. ciociara says:

    It has been soooooo long. I missed my blog. Really

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