I am not entirely sure as to how to proceed with this “about you” page, because I don’t know what to wrote here exactly that wouldn’t seem so flat and… ordinary.

But something tells me to write about where I come from.
I am from Egypt, even tough I have not lived my whole life here. I spend the first 11 years of my life in KSA, and had been to UAE, Dubai nut there was always something about Egypt. Something that I could not put my finger on, that made my breath catch inside me whenever I mounted a plane to Egypt, in the summer vacation.
Even now that I live here, 10 years now, I still don’t know what it is. It tugs at my heart.

I long to travel and see a large part of this world, but deep down I know for certain, that no matter how far I go, Egypt shall always be patient during my pursuit to satisfy my nomadic soul. For, for me, it will always be  my point of departure and arrival.


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