My favorite times

Do you not think that rain is the most fabulous natural phenomena?

I love it. It always starts with hesitant darkening of the skies, grey clouds slowly invade the peaceful blue, they settle over and conceal the sun behind the thickening veil. First a single flash of lightening catches my eyes and holds me mesmerized for a moment as if I was hit by it. I walk closer to the window and closer still until I am totally pressed against it. The thought of me must be looking like a freak in the eyes of the onlookers doesn’t even pass my mind, for I close my eyes and listen to the distant approach of thunder. Deep threats in the belly of the sky. On first impression it feels like an ice cube gliding down my spine, but then fascination takes over, and I start wondering… How could such invisible self-producing force create terror worse than the sounds of shooting war cannons? It is scary I know, and Mamma, while it’s on the going, walks unsurely around the house, her eyes cast downward, her legs stiff  and lips uttering murmured prayers. It is like the sky is falling to the earth. But to me…oh, it is just beautiful.

I love it. And I hate when the sky clouds over and it just doesn’t rain, I feel like looking up into the grey sky and yell “What the hell!! Are you messing with me lady?”

Rain makes me think of Allah, so merciful and unforgetful. Rain eases the ache of thirst in the deprived throats, rain gives hope to the poor who can only live on planting, rain puts out fire. Those people, in our daily busy lives, we hardly think of them, but Allah….He is great. He feels your pain, too, because the sky cries when you are hurt and can’t say a word. Think of the world after the rain. The nature’s true colours, the green of the leaves, the brown of the trunks, the wonderful scents, the clean streets, as if Allah is reminding us of how the world should be, beautiful. It’s kind of a reproach. Threats, He can take us all out with a fierce torrent.

I always see clearer through the sheet of rain drops, the rumbling of thunder in my ears. As if I am a part of something MASSIVE and my troubles…well, they pale in the face of this enormity. And as I listen to the drops thrashing down the surroundings, the lights dimming, the world growing quieter till all is hushed, I feel the stirring of inspiration some where inside.

Don’t you think as if the world is stretching out a hand and offering us a chance? A chance to start over. To do better. To put a limit to our ego. To find our faith… No wonder they say “God was recognized by sheer awareness”


And I dream almost constantly of rain, the freedom of standing under it. Beauty. Therefore I often cry in those dreams or when it’s raining for real.

it is painfully long, but for a  reason I wanted YOU to share my thoughts with.

So what comes to your mind when the world is taking a shower?:)


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