A Thought…

I dreamed I was missing. In the crowd there was emptiness that was once my place.
I woke up to the sea launching its cold cover over me, fear wrapping toothy roots around my lungs. I could not breathe.
Then my eyes opened to a brightness that for a moment didn’t seem real. Once everything fell into place, fear became panic trembling through my bones.
I was so far away from home.
I was wide awake, all alone in this exile of emptiness.
My legs dragged themselves away from the lapping sea, the clinging sand creeping on me, stinging my skin as I walked to where I knew not of.
I tried  to find my way out of my torture, but I was far too weak.
Pain had eroded all that once supported me.
So, I cried. My legs gave out. I fell to the damp ground as I let more tears wash over my face.
I prayed that these tears would drain me out, would eat away my features and more beyond that till I no longer existed.
Time ticked my days away as the tears kept coming. I didn’t know what day it was or how much longer it was going to last.
And then, as I was at the point of breaking, something incredible happened.
I had been blind until your light came over my sight. I thought I had gone deaf, till I caught your whisper calling my name. I was half senseless, but then I felt your touch breathing life back into my cells.
You kneeled before me and took my hands. I looked up into another sea that was you
r eyes, gentle and endless.
I smiled finally, believing that now this emptiness would be no more, this gloom would no longer haunt me.
“Take me home, my beloved” I said to you “Take me away and turn this hell into paradise”


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