A Letter from a Heart to a Nation


 ,                                                                                               Dear Egypt

You are upside down again, withering with the fire of injustice, randomness, insecurity and distrust. So sudden it all happened as if you have pulled the rug from beneath my feet.

I am confused.

I don’t know what to do.

My exams are gripping my nerves in a vice of tension. I am cool on the exterior, but waiting for the last second to tick.

We are alike that way, you and I.


How long has your anger boiled low?

How long have they kept your mouth stuffed, your eyes blinded and ears ringing? Off-balance and unsure.

How long have your subdued people protested with silent cries? Believed what they were told, their stomachs filled with venomous lies?


How long, Great Mother?


Oh, how I love your sun-tanned face, the scent of your breath and the strong life of you once-worshipped Vein. My favorite joy is to take a walk along your lines, feel your agelessness wrap around my heart. I wonder at your beauty as the sun dips low and think that there must be a God, for you are a work of art that can only be wrought by the hands of the Divine.

Every night I sit and watch your face as you rest your bones under the rising moon, but still I can feel vivid beating through you.

I lay awake and know that my night will not end unless I see your sun slanting through my window.

Oh, I know I will forever love you.


But suddenly your features crease into a frown. I feel you shifting. Your grounds are shaking

“What’s going on, Great Mother?” I ask, but an answer, you do not give.

I watch in terror as your people turn against each other, the earth is rippling, the unity is breaking as your breath growing heavier upon my skin, molding my lungs.
“What’s wrong, Great Mother?”

Your Vein is seeping dry. You are growing older and older by the second before my very eyes.

There is nothing I can do, for you are not the one I used to know.

Everybody is angry, they are fueled with rage.

They march destruction through your sturdy, ancient streets.

It is like a demon has possessed every pair of eyes. Everyone now is an enemy to the other.


Are you so very sick, you are releasing your caged frenzy upon us?
Do you hate us so much you look like you are asking God for a final flood? One great death and we all shall be no more?


I wish I could somehow relate to the labor you are going through.

But I am filled with accusing frustration, and it is directed at you…

 Maybe we are all punch of cowards, but you could have said something, done something?

Why have you kept silent that long? Why don’t you ever let your cry echo through the walls?

How come I can no longer get in touch with you while I am so much in love with you?

How come you are not listening?


What now, Great Mother? Are you still thirsted for more?

I have so much bottled up that if said, would block the eye of your sun.

All I want is your ears and hand. Is it too much for the thousands of years we have shared?


Oh,Egypt, how I long for your hopeful smile.

It’s all so dark around me. I need its light.


Without a smile, without a breeze,

Without a leader. Without my sight…

I’d shed one more tear as I say

“Oh, how I ache to relate to you…”




Lost and Confused.


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