Stalker. Abductor. Lover 1

 How would you define love? the process of getting caught up in this mysterious web?
Natalie did not think about that much, for she didn’t really believe. She had her business, she was good at it, and she didn’t like complications. Love was certainly that, a complication, one she thought could out run forever.
Nicolas, a professional assassin, did not know what love even was. He was trained to subdue any emotions before they could even arise. For a long time that was how he went through his life. A long time without even wondering about the depth of human heart, until one day something goes out of the script and he catches a sight of her. Or rather… her hair.
That was the moment everything went wrong for both of them… or was it?
Where would this intersection of roads lead them, and how would they survive the dangers.
watch how love took them by surprise, follow the twists and turns of of this bumpy journey.
Would she get away this time? Or would there always be a way for him to sniff her trails, face her at her corner and eventually… sweep her off her stubborn feet? 


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